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After the visit to our bodega at Clos Figueras and a tasting of our wines, don’t miss a fixed menú lunch in our restaurant “Les Figueres” with our attractive terrace and garden. All in a comfortable relaxing environment.


* Get a disccount on your visit if you also book the menú Clos Figueras *





First course. Dishes for sharing

- Selecction of Patés from Vilella Baixa (Km. 0)

- Plate of cold meats from Vilella Baixa (Km. 0)

- Mediterranean salad (lettuces, tomato and dry fruits)


Second course :

- Grilled ecologically raised lamb

- Grilled sausage from Vilella Baixa (Km. 0)



- Artisan chocalate and cream cake from La Serra d´Almos


*Water, a glass of red wine and coffee included


TOTAL MENÚ: 25€ + taxes/ person