June 16, 2024


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How to look for a good manager to ensure yachts condition?

According to Ocean Life Best Yacht Management they are also able to assist with the yacht’s maintenance budget by creating and recording warranty claims from a shipyard or contractors and can oversee refit periods. The yacht’s engineer and the captain work with the manager to determine what technical issues are occurring onboard, then they can liaise with the shipyard and contractors to make sure that all maintenance is carried out efficiently.

Yacht management has grown into a big business, as it helps owners protect their assets, achieve compliance, secure optimum residual value and reduce liability. Owners need to hire competent people to take care of the plethora of details involved with running their boats and managing a crew. These specialists are known as yacht managers.

Whether it’s a full yacht refit or a minor system upgrade, our expert team will work with you to achieve the results you desire. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients the best quality workmanship and service at competitive rates.

A luxury yacht is an incredible asset and one that requires a wide range of services in order to keep it at peak performance. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual yacht and can be provided on an ad-hoc basis or as a fully managed service, depending upon the specific requirements of the client.

The BGYB Yacht Management service is designed to take away the hassle and worry of yacht ownership, enabling Owners to concentrate on the pleasures of cruising, chartering and entertaining their guests in complete confidence. Our dedicated team will handle all the time-consuming tasks that come with owning a vessel, allowing you to experience the pleasures of yacht ownership without the headache.

Our service team has the capacity to provide everything from sourcing of replacement parts and supplies to the arrangement of berths or fuel oil for your vessel. They will also ensure that an up-to-date inventory of fixtures, fittings, machinery, equipment and spares is maintained and a suitable (planned) maintenance regime is introduced for the vessel to be operated in optimum condition.

We can assist private owners, trustees and family offices with all aspects of their yacht management and fleet administration, including the preparation of budgets, establishing bank accounts, controlling expenditure and supplying regular reports to the Owner, Captain and crew. We can also assist with the establishment of structures to facilitate tax efficient ownership and management.

The most beautiful vessels only remain so when they are maintained in better than perfect working condition. Our experienced teams are able to carry out all aspects of routine maintenance, major repairs and refits across all sectors of the marine industry. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, fibreglass and paint, systems and rigging and spars.

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